Useful Items to Keep in Your Car

If your vehicle gets a flat tire, your car battery dies, or severe weather forces you off the road, will you be prepared? You may already keep essentials such as your owner’s manual and proof of auto insurance in Hudson, NY in your car, but what else should you have on hand? Even if you pay for a roadside assistance service, here are some essential items to keep in your car in case of emergency.
Spare coolant, oil, and windscreen-washer fluid
Checking these regularly can help you avoid getting caught out, but it’s always good to have extras on hand, just in case. 
Flashlight and batteries
A useful item if you break down at night or need to see clearly under the hood of the car is a flashlight. Be sure to take extra batteries, too.
Whether you store a case of water bottles or a few jugs in the trunk, water will do more than quench your thirst when you’re stranded. You can also use water to clean oil off your clothes or pour into your radiator if your car overheats.
Warm clothing
Keep blankets and warm clothing on hand in your trunk so that you can stay warm if you’re stuck in your car without a working heater.
A basic toolkit can be a lifesaver when your car breaks down, especially if you’re far from a gas station or repair shop. Consider keeping items such as duct tape, antifreeze, a tire gauge, screwdrivers, pliers, and a pocket knife in your toolkit.
Emergency warning triangle
If you have broken down on the side of the road, placing an emergency triangle behind your car will alert other drivers to the fact you are stationary. Carry a couple so that you can warn other drivers in advance of approaching your vehicle.
Jumper cables
If your car’s battery dies, jumper cables can help you quickly get back on the road. Attach your cables to the positive and negative battery terminals of another person’s car, but be sure to follow the instructions.
Now that you know what to carry in your trunk, ensure that you have the right auto insurance in Hudson! Serving New York, visit the professionals at Lofgren Agency to get started on your tailored insurance that will see you through the spring and beyond!

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