Is Your Car Stocked & Ready to Go In Case of An Emergency?

Fast danger drivingPrepare Your Ride for the Harsh New York Winter Roads
The winter chill is amongst us and as the snow starts piling in, it becomes increasingly more important that New York motorists are prepared for the worst. There are certain things to keep in your car during the winter, which will significantly decrease the inconvenience of an emergency. Preparation is key if you want this dilemma to remain simply inconvenient, as opposed to turning into a full-blown disaster. Gathered is a list of the necessities you must always have in your car during the winter:

  • The most basic item you must have in your car is a windshield scraper and snowbrush. You never know when a blanket of snow will cover your windshield and hinder your visibility while driving.
  • If you get stranded for a prolonged period of time, you will need food and water to keep you nourished. This means having a box full of nonperishable food items and a few gallons of water. Items that are good to have in your car include granola bars, cold cereal, dried fruits, and snacks.
  • As the temperatures continue to drop, you will be happy to have extra winter clothing and blankets in your car, in case of an emergency. If you get stranded, your car’s electricity may not be able to keep you warm.
  • You should always have a first aid kit in your car. However, now is the perfect time to make sure it is stocked and ready to keep you protected if needed.
  • You never know when you will be out of technological assistance. Therefore, it is important that you have flashlights, batteries, a battery operated radio, and flares so that you can get in touch with the outside world if you need to.

Are you prepared in case of an emergency on the roads? Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York auto insurance needs. Your security on the icy New York streets is our main priority!

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