Good weather is upon us and some of the most beautiful old vehicles are traveling the roads, meticulously restored as well as maintained. These, along with motorcycles, are collectors’ items which should be insured under special collector car/motorcycle policies! Remember that the standard personal or commercial auto policy only provides ACV (actual cash value) coverage for physical damage which means that a vehicle loss will be depreciated. Obviously a collector wants to protect the investment that he/she has put into their vehicle so it is important that their vehicle is insured on a Stated Value Policy so the value is agreed upon prior to a loss such as fire, theft, or if you hit a deer while out on the leisurely drive. Such a policy may also provide coverage for spare parts that you may have in the garage, yet be assured that you may have in the garage, yet be assured that the rest of the Statutory Coverage is in compliance with NYS requirements such as liability, uninsured motorists, and personal injury coverage. Take time to ensure that your pride and joy is insured correctly!
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