Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Small Business

Couple Signing Salesman Contract. Car ShowroomNo matter how small or big your business is you must formulate a disaster recovery plan. Small business owners often have so much on their plate that they forget about protecting their assets from a variety of common perils. While thinking about how a natural disaster would affect your business operations is less than desirable, it is imperative if you want to react and recover with ease. Gathered are some important tips for small business owners in developing a sound disaster recovery plan:

  • Hold a company meeting where you determine the safest exit routes and then educate and train your employees of your recovery plan.
  • It is important that you have a detailed list of important contact information. This should include all employee numbers and addresses, as well as their family contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Likewise, you should have important contact information for clients who will need to be contacted after an emergency. Your communications strategy should also include backup information regarding their account.
  • While most data and files are now stored online, it is important that you are diligent in updating these records and protecting them. If you do not have a risk management team, we suggest obtaining cyber liability insurance for optimal protection. This will allow you to feel confident in the security of your online data and files.
  • Most importantly, obtain the vital insurance policies that offer you the protection your business needs to thrive. This should include a flood insurance policy and an earthquake insurance policy.

Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York business insurance needs. The size of your business does not make you any less vulnerable to natural disasters, stressing the importance of having the right policies in place. Allow us to provide your small business with the insurance you deserve.

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