Bad Driving Habits That Must Be Eradicated

Yellow traffic lightsNo matter how experienced or skilled of a driver you may be, there are still others on the road that you need to worry about. Abiding by all regulatory signs and driving the speed limit, is often not enough. We want you to remain safe on the roads, which is why we have gathered a list of unfortunately common bad driving habits that need to be eradicated immediately:

  • The worst bad driving habit an individual can partake in is using their cell phone behind the wheel. Nowadays, we have so many technological features that can allow us to use our phones hands free that there is no excuse for looking down while you are on the roads. To combat this fatal habit, purchase a Bluetooth device or start using the hands free option on your cell phone.
  • While you may think that speeding every once in a while is no big deal, it is extremely dangerous and can yield fatal consequences.
  • Tailgating the person in front of you to tell them to go a little faster is only causing a dangerous situation. Many individuals will partake in a dangerous habit called, “brake checking” to get you off their back. Simply slow down and leave room in between your own car and other vehicles on the road.
  • Failing to use your blinkers can leave significant dangers on the road. The roads are all about anticipation, and how can someone anticipate your next move and their maneuver if they do not know where you are going.
  • Speeding through that yellow light is not only a bother to others who cannot go when the light turns green, but it is also extremely dangerous. Slow down when you approach a light so that you can appropriately stop if the light turns yellow.

We hope these informational points help you eliminate these bad driving habits so that both you and others on the road can remain safe. Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York auto insurance needs.

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