How to Get Life Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’ve been social distancing for a while, you may have had the time to review all of your insurance policies and assess your needs. Among all the many contemplative moments brought on by the COVID-19-induced isolation, you might be asking yourself if you can still secure life insurance in Millerton, NY.


Can I still get life insurance during COVID-19?


Most insurance companies across the nation are still working business as usual. That means that even if their offices are closed, they are working remotely and are still able to assist current and prospective clients. Contact your local insurance agent to enquire if they are able to underwrite new policies during this time.


Life insurance carriers will ask a variety of questions about your health and lifestyle to determine your risk and premium. One of the questions will be if you’ve traveled in the past few years and if you plan to travel shortly after your policy begins. This is because they want to be aware if any of your foreign destinations are high-risk due to a localized outbreak of an illness. If that is the case, they may delay finalizing your policy to ensure you don’t contract the illness.


With that said, a lot of carriers are putting in extensions for traveling to high-risk areas, such as Italy. The carriers may postpone the policy start date until you have been home in the US for a significant amount of time and it’s shown that you didn’t catch the virus abroad.


If your policy requires a medical exam, a medical professional will visit you at home to perform a basic health exam – clad in the appropriate personal protective equipment, of course. At this time, you won’t be tested for the coronavirus, but the examiner will be on the lookout for coronavirus symptoms. If contact is discouraged in your area, you can still get life insurance by shopping for a non-medical or accelerated underwriting option. That means you’ll be asked questions about your health, but there won’t be an in-person visit.


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