Keep your home theft-free with a smart alarm system.

Homeowners, are you doing everything you can to safeguard your property from damage and danger? While you may lock the doors at night and replace the batteries in the fire alarm every six months, your home may still be at risk. While you may have a traditional burglar alarm installed, it could be time to get up to date. Implementing the use of a smart alarm system can protect your home day and night, and you can monitor activity from the touch of your smartphone!
In short, smart alarm systems empower the customer to build their own network of security while retaining control, usually through a mobile device.
Here is a handful of benefits that smart alarm systems offer:

  • Price: Smart alarm systems can be cheaper because customers avoid paying someone else to install or monitor devices.
  • Self-managed: Many homeowners enjoy the do-it-yourself aspect of smart alarms since they can choose the technology and components that they feel best suit their needs.
  • Safety: A smart alarm can alert you when the kids get home from school, when your teens come home at night, if the temperature drops below a certain level, if CO is detected, and so much more! With a full scope of your home’s activity, you have the best chance of staying safe.
  • Control: Because smart alarm systems do not need to involve an alarm monitoring company, the customer can retain control. Many homeowners prefer this level of involvement in monitoring their home security.

With a smart alarm system in place, you can safeguard your home from damage and loss. Furthermore, ensure that your homeowners insurance policy is in place to protect your home’s structure, contents, and finances from strain. To get started on a quality policy, visit the professionals at Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and neighboring cities of New York.

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