3 Reasons Why You May Need Custom Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY

Does your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY properly protect your home?

Homeowners are aware that home insurance is designed to protect their house, belongings, and finances from suffering strain and loss. What most homeowners don’t know, however, is that their current policy may not meet the demands of their needs, should they file a claim.
A standard homeowners policy isn’t for everyone – or every home. If you don’t have a cookie-cutter house, why settle for cookie-cutter coverage? In general, there are three reasons why you may need to purchase a tailored home insurance policy.
Your dwelling has high value.
If your home is not standard in the least, it deserves to be equipped with a better-than-standard policy. Your home may be fitted with old beams or built with fine craftsmanship, all of which may exceed your home insurance policy limits in the event of a claim. Ensuring that your home’s value matches your coverage is essential to completely restore your home to that home-sweet-home status.
You have high-value belongings.
Did you know that your expensive items may be completely exposed? If your grandmother’s sapphire ring was stolen, you may be faced with a lost family heirloom as well as being out of pocket to replace it. If you have significantly high valued items, your insurance may only cover them up to a certain limit. Take an inventory today to get your jewelry appraised, your golf equipment valued, and calculate the cost of your musical instruments to make sure you have sufficient coverage for them all.
You have specific needs.
If you have a home with a trampoline and swimming pool in the back garden, insurers are likely to see your home needing much higher liability coverage. If your vacation home is left empty for six months every year, you’ll need to let your insurer know so that they can adequately cover your home from likely thefts and vandalism.
Talk to your local insurance expert at Lofgren Agency to determine the best coverage that suits your needs and budget. With our tailored homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY, your home will be fully protected!

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