Holiday Ideas for Serving Guests Without Stress This Season

Make serving your holiday guests easy and festive!

Hosting the holidays this year? These ideas and tips for serving your holiday meal will help you create a festive atmosphere with lots of functionality!
Plan ahead.
As you prepare for your guests, make a menu of what you plan to serve. Make sure to account for appetizers, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and drinks! Planning beforehand will make your dinner go more smoothly.
Serve buffet style.
With a house full of guests, the table can feel a bit crowded. Serve dinner buffet style. It will alleviate any crowded feel at the table, opening up for beautiful centerpieces and great conversation.
Offer lots of options.
While you don’t want to prepare too many dishes, give your guests a couple options. Offer a salad and mixed vegetables, for example.
Elevate and stack serving dishes.
Elevate dishes to make your serving space look more polished.
Be festive.
Decorate the table for the holidays! Use greenery, poinsettias, and white accents for a holiday feel. Have your linens and dishes complement each other, too.
Don’t plate appetizers.
Serve appetizers on a tray. Make sure to supply toothpicks and napkins nearby. Avoid using plates, and it will save you from having to do extra dishes!
Serve a themed spread.
Consider creating a theme when planning your spread. You can pick a festive color or a holiday concept! A theme will make your space more put together.
Use small spaces.
Get creative with your use of space! Perhaps use your kitchen table as a buffet table.
Store drinks.
Don’t have a wet bar in your living room? No problem! Invest in a box to store mixers and non-perishable snacks that you can leave in your living room. No extra trips to the kitchen needed.
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