Moving From High-Risk to Standard Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY

Moving From High-Risk to Standard Auto Insurance in Hudson, NYHere’s how to move from high risk to standard auto insurance in Hudson, NY.

As far as auto insurance companies are concerned, there are two types of drivers: the low-risk and the high-risk driver. If you’ve recently been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), received multiple speeding tickets, or have a poor credit history, your insurer may label you as a high-risk driver. In turn, this alters your auto insurance in Hudson, NY.
Being a riskier driver means that you’re more likely to need to purchase a high-risk insurance policy. As no one wants this non-standard, costly policy, here are a few ways that you can move your high-risk status to standard.
Avoid Accidents and All Violations
It’s that simple: the more traffic tickets and car accidents that you’re involved with, the longer you’ll be classified as high risk. In most states, if you keep your driving record clean for a straight period of three years, you have a greater chance of being reinstated back to standard car insurance and you’ll see those lower policy rates.
Fix Your Credit
Car insurers use credit information along with other factors to determine your auto insurance quote and to classify an insured according to his or her potential risk. A bad credit score may force you to be categorized as high risk to insure. To fix this, repair any errors on your credit report, pay your bills on time, and work with your creditor on ways to pay off your debts.
Purchase a Low Profile Car
Sporty, high-end, and foreign cars may look nice on the road, but they are costlier to insure. Because of the cost of these vehicles, you can raise your risk profile. Instead, opt for an affordable car with plenty of safety features that won’t break the bank to protect.
Take Defensive Driving Courses
If you have a history of car accidents and traffic violations, it’s time to clean up your driving skills. Many states allow convicted drivers to take defensive driving courses to reduce car insurance premiums as well as earn a car insurance discount.
Moving from high-risk to standard car coverage is within your reach! Talk to your local insurance expert at Lofgren Agency to determine the best coverage that suits your needs and budget. With our tailored auto insurance in Hudson, NY, your car and finances will be fully protected!

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