Helpful Guiding Points For Handling A Car Accident Claim

auto insurance hudson nyCar Accident Claims 101
Getting in a car accident is never pleasant, even if you know the proper steps of filing a claim. However, those who experience their first car accident are often overwhelmed with anxiety, as they have no idea what information to collect, the proper way to respond, or who to call first. We want to help relieve this anxiety, which is why we have gathered helpful guiding points for handling a car accident claim:

  • If it is safe to do so, meaning your car is operable and you are not injured, it is important that you pull off to the shoulder of the road. Many motorists assume that it is best to keep the scene of the accident completely intact, when this can actually be extremely dangerous. Whenever possible, pull over and seek safer grounds.
  • If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. If there are no injuries, call your local police or fire department to report the claim. Many insurance companies require an official report to be made.
  • When exchanging information, you will need to gather the following: phone number and address of everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses, driver license numbers and state of issue, make of vehicles, model of vehicles, year of vehicles, damage to all vehicles and property damage, insurance information, and photo evidence if possible.
  • Once it is safe to leave the scene of the accident, you will want to call your auto insurance agent. They will help guide you through the process of filing your car accident claim with ease.

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