From initial response to contacting your auto insurance in Hudson, New York, here’s everything you need to know about handing a car accident. 

No one likes to think about getting into a car accident.  However, once the dust settles after a car accident, many drivers realize they have no idea what to do.  That’s why it’s so important to understand how to handle a car accident beforehand.  While you may know to call the police or to contact your auto insurance in Hudson, New York, there are a lot of steps to remember in between.  Use this guide to make sure you are prepared to handle a car accident if it happens to you.
1) Never drive away!  Even if you think it’s a minor accident, driving away without dealing with the situation might constitute an illegal hit-and-run.
2) Take a moment to calm yourself.  Immediately after a collision, it’s okay to be a little shaken up and even a little mad.  Take a few deep breaths and do your best to calm yourself down.  Panicking or being aggressive will only make this unfortunate situation worse.
3) Check yourself for injuries.  Even something as minor as a sore neck or a headache is something to be concerned about.  If possible, have medical services check you out once they arrive on the scene.
4) Check on the other party.  If another driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian was involved in the accident, make sure they are okay.  If necessary, contact emergency medical services.
5) Call the police.  You must call the police for any accident that results in damage, injury, or death.  Even if it’s a minor accident, a police report can help you deal with your insurance company later.  Once the police arrive, do not admit guilt and do not accuse others.  Instead, wait and let the police determine fault for themselves.
6) Take pictures.  Make sure you get pictures of your car’s damage, the other vehicle (if there is one), and of the accident scene as a whole.  These pictures can help you remember the details of the accident and can help you file your claim later on.
7) Exchange information with the other parties.  To start, get the responding police officers’ names and badge numbers.  You should also exchange names, numbers, insurance information, license plate numbers, and so on with the other party.  Additionally, if there are witnesses, make sure you get their contact information as well.
8) As soon as you can, report the accident to your insurance provider.  Relay the details of the accident as calmly and honestly as you can.  From there, your agent can walk you through the claims process.  Having a copy of the police report and any pictures you took can help you with this process.
Use this guide to make sure you are prepared to handle a car accident.  Another great way to be prepared is to make sure you have the right auto insurance in Hudson, New York.  To get the right policy to fit your needs, turn to the experts at Lofgren Agency.  Contact us to get covered today!

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