If you have vehicles such as a boat, motorcycle, or RV, then learn how you can get your summer toys ready for winter storage.

When the weather gets colder, you know that winter is right around the corner.  Don’t get blindsided by winter snows; start preparing summer vehicles like boats, motorcycles, and RVs for storage right now.  Use this guide to help you get your summer toys ready for winter storage today.
One of the first things you should do to prepare summer toys for storage is to clean each vehicle thoroughly.  Carefully clean the interior and exterior of each vehicle.  As you’re cleaning, check for any signs of damage that might require repairs.  Once you finish cleaning, apply a thin layer of wax to the exterior of your vehicles to prevent rusting while they are away in storage.
Once you finish cleaning, you should have any damages checked out by a professional.  Following repairs, tackle vehicle maintenance.  For starters, if there is water in the engine or plumbing system of your boat or RV, then you should remove it immediately.  If left to sit for a long time, this water could damage your vehicles.  Additionally, if any of your summer toys still have gas in them, you should add fuel stabilizer to their gas tanks.  Without stabilizer, this fuel could corrode your vehicles’ engines as they sit in storage.  Finally, if you notice that any of your vehicles have flat tires, get them repaired or replaced.    You want to make sure your summer toys are ready to use as soon as your remove them from storage.
Follow these cleaning and maintenance tasks to get your summer toys ready for winter storage.  If you are planning on storing your vehicles off your property this winter, then make sure they have the necessary insurance coverage to protect them.  To find the right policy for your needs, contact the experts at Lofgren Agency in Hudson, New York.  Our team is ready to get you and your summer toys covered today!

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