Preparing New York Homeowners For A Flood

Flood Insurance Hudson New YorkAre You Protected From a Flood? 
New York residents are no strangers to rainy weather, which is why there is no excuse for not properly preparing. In order for your home and family to recover with ease after flooding, it is imperative that you follow these preparation and recovery measures:

  • The most important safeguard you can have is a flood insurance policy. Despite popular belief, flood damages are specifically excluded from your homeowners’ insurance policy. Therefore, the only way to feel confident in your home’s security is to obtain flood insurance protection. It is important to know that these policies take thirty days to be active, so seeking this coverage should be an immediate task.
  • To ensure that your personal belongings are protected, it is a good idea to update your home inventory at this time. Since you have likely received expensive gifts during the holidays, now is the perfect time to update your inventory. This is the only way to ease the claims process and appropriately claim your losses.
  • Stock your emergency preparedness kit. This kit should be fully equipped with a battery operated radio, flashlights, batteries, nonperishable food, water, important documents, emergency numbers, blankets, warm clothing, maps, first aid kit, and any vital medications.
  • To prepare your home, you must complete a few steps. First, check the functionality of your sump pump and install a battery-operated backup just in case.
  • As a homeowner, it is important that you regularly clear your gutters, drains, and downspouts of debris, so that water can flow with ease.
  • If you know that heavy rains are on their way in, make sure to move all valuables and furniture to higher grounds. It is also recommended that you elevate your furnace, washer, dryer, and water heater at least 12 inches above your home’s projected flood elevation.

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