The Best Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Get your home ready for the changing seasons with these fall home maintenance tips.

The autumn season is settling in, bringing down temperatures and changing the color of the leaves on the trees. As the seasons change, the elements to which your home is exposed change, too. Is it ready for them?
Prepare your home for the coming seasons and their harsher conditions with these fall home maintenance tips.

  • Help your HVAC. Fall means fluctuating temperatures, so you’ll likely be putting your HVAC to work. Make sure it’s up to the task by changing your air filter and bringing in a professional to tune up your system and double check that it doesn’t pose your family any danger.
  • De-gunk your gutters. With the increased precipitation the colder seasons bring, it’s important you home can rid itself of rain and snow quickly and effectively. Your gutters are the conduit through which this water should travel, but if they’re clogged you could have leaks and water damage on your hands. Clean out your gutters and downspouts.
  • Store seasonal equipment. Pack up your outdoor furniture or, at the very least, cover it so it will be protected against the harsh exposures of winter. Pack up your garden hoses and if you can, use your indoor valve to shut off the water and drain what’s remaining in the pipe closest to the outside of your home in order to prevent freezing.

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