Enough Home Insurance Coverage

You may not have enough home insurance coverage – and may not even know!

Homeowners do a lot to protect their asset. While there may be great care involved when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, it won’t help you when facing a disaster. A lot of issues can shake homeowners, including fires, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and even liability lawsuits. The best way to protect from these incidents is to obtain reliable home insurance. Even though you’re convinced you have enough coverage, it’s always worth checking your policy again.
At least once a year, review your coverage. After all, your life can dramatically change within 12 months. When your lifestyle and home change, your policy must, too. No matter what type of home insurance you have, there are many ways to adjust your coverage, whether you need to add to your policy to cover your recently acquired family heirlooms, or to buy coverage to guard against flood damage.

Check Your Contents Coverage

Replacement cost policies usually don’t include the same level of coverage for contents. Instead, the reimbursement amount for furniture, clothing, and other possessions is typically based on a percentage of the replacement value for the entire house. The best way to know if your possessions are protected is to conduct a home inventory. Record and note all of your belongings, totaling up the cost. From here, you’ll be able to understand if you need more protection in your policy.

Home Upgrades, Policy Updates

Additions and interior renovations, such as a new kitchen, remodeled bathroom, or finished basement could push your home past its current insured value. Some improvements may also come with unexpected insurance costs, such as a pool or adopting a dog. For these events, an umbrella liability insurance policy may be needed.

Ask the Experts

With any industry, insurance policies have jargon and terms that you may not understand. Luckily, you don’t have to face this on your own. With a reliable team of insurers behind you, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.
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