Habits to Help the Planet in the Home

 Whether this upcoming Earth Day (which is April 22) has inspired you to become more environmentally conscious or whether the imminent threat of global warming has you feeling some type of way, finding easy ways to help the environment in the home is important for many of us. Start by adopting these green practices in the home to help the planet this Earth Day! 
Bring your own bag
Whether you’re at the grocery store or the mall, be sure to bring your own shopping bags with you. Invest in a couple of good reusable bags that you will remember to use over and over again. This way, you’ll reduce the need to use and produce harmful plastic bags.
Use natural and green cleaners
Choose nontoxic cleaners that won’t harm wildlife, the groundwater supply, or you. Choose nontoxic cleaners for the home and car that are naturally-derived and cruelty-free.
Eat less meat
Whether you join up with many others for Meatless Monday or opt for a totally plant-based diet, you positively impact the planet and your health. Production of meat and dairy involves a large amount of land use (causing deforestation) and uses massive amounts of clean drinking water. Raising animals for meat is also a significant contributor of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Eating less meat and more vegetables also ups your overall health quotient with lots of heart-healthy fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
Be mindful of electricity and water consumption
All of us are guilty of leaving lights on and using more water than necessary. This Earth Day, take a mindful approach to your consumption. Think about replacing your home appliances with water and energy-saving varieties. Also, consider changing light bulbs to energy-efficient brands and switching out your shower head to a low-flow one.
Update your laundry routine
Only run the washing machine and dryer when you have a full load of laundry. An easy way to ensure this is to have a laundry hamper for each color (whites, darks, mixed colors) and wash only when a basket is full. Use cold water to watch your clothes in, too.
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