Consider the Environment in Everyday Business Practice

 With deadlines to meet and targets to hit, thinking about the environment is rarely a priority at work. Yet, if we don’t think about it, climate change catastrophe can hit within 12 years – which would affect our daily lives as well as business practices. Going green in your business doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Take a look at these tips that help businesses be more eco-conscious.

  • Stock up the kitchen

If you regularly fill the kitchen with snacks, creamer, and water, it’s worth reviewing these to see how “green” they are. For example, plant-based milks (think soy, rice, and oat) are best for the planet, so ditch the dairy for a green alternative. Stock up on local and seasonal fruit instead of tropical pieces. Purchase a water cooler instead of buying plastic water bottles in bulk.

  • Go without paper

Depending on your industry, going paperless can be easier than you think. Document checking, copying, and even signing can all be done digitally these days. Using less paper can help to conserve previous woodland resources.

  • Use less energy

Make sure your team turn off their computers at night, opt for energy-saving lightbulbs, and that your HVAC is running efficiently. You could even consider allowing the employees to work from home, which means cutting commutes, smaller emissions, and no energy spent on lighting and powering an office.


Going green doesn’t have to cost your business time or money. At Kneller Agency, we work with you to find reliable and suitable insurance to protect against the unexpected. Visit us today in New York to get started on your tailored coverage.

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