DIY Succulent Bowl For SummerGet busy this summer by making a low-maintenance DIY succulent bowl!

The summer season always welcomes in bright flowers and colorful plants. If you don’t have the time, patience, or practice to plant the high-maintenance seasonal flowers, why not opt for a DIY succulent bowl this summer? These plants are low-maintenance, almost impossible to kill, and make delightful additions to any home.
Here’s how to plant your succulent bowl for summer.
What you need:

  • A bowl – Any cereal bowl, mug, or pretty decorative bowl will do. Avoid wood or plastic.
  • Succulents – They should go well together with varied colors and sizes. Usually warm and cool colors should not be potted together. You can find succulents at any home and gardening store or your local nursery!
  • Cactus potting mix – This is essential for the health of your plants.
  • Gardening shears – To trim plants that outgrow a container.

DIY succulent bowl:

  • Choose your vessel first. It’s important to know what size bowl you want to fill before shopping for succulents.
  • Select your plants. As a rough guide, choose two centerpiece succulents to place in the middle, with three to four smaller succulents around the edge.
  • Begin planting! Add potting soil to the bottom of the bowl so that the base of the succulent is deep enough in the mix.
  • Break the roots of your first centerpiece plant. Breaking up the roots helps the plant re-establish itself. Don’t water at this point, unless the soil is bone-dry. Place the first centerpiece plant in your bowl.
  • Fill up the arrangement until the bowl is completely packed with soil and plants.
  • Shear any lose leaves. Trim straggly branches
  • Keep the arrangement fresh and happy! Give it natural light, water sparingly, and trim and replant occasionally!

From the professionals at Lofgren Agency, we hope that you find delight in planting this DIY succulent bowl for summer. For all of your insurance policies that will see you through summer and beyond, contact us in Hudson, New York.

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