Preventing Summer Burglaries

The sun is out! This weekend you might be planning to rush to the coast or get together with friends for a backyard barbecue. It’s not just families and friends that enjoy the summer; Burglars love the summertime because it provides ample opportunity to steal. Some burglars have been waiting patiently through spring until everyone is out enjoying the summer sun. An empty home that has been left in a rush is the perfect target. To help prevent summertime thefts (and burglaries throughout the year!), check out these tips.

  • Never leave a spare key outside your home. No matter how well you think you’ve hidden it, an experienced burglar will take the time to look.
  • Keep the back door, garage, and shed locked at all times. If you’re out in the backyard, leaving your front door unlocked could invite burglars inside.
  • Draw your curtains when you leave to stop nearby burglars from seeing your valuables.
  • Head out onto the street and look at your home. Can you see the brand new TV or antique display? Keep valuables hidden from sight from the street.
  • Close the windows and doors in any part of the house that you’re not occupying. Instead, invest in cooling fans or air conditioning.
  • If you’re doing a DIY project this summer, be sure to lock the ladder and garden tools away when not in use.
  • Keep it quiet that you’re going on vacation. You don’t want social media friends knowing that you’ll be away.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check in on your house if you are going away. He or she can bring the mail in, water the plants, and ensure all is well with your property.
  • Review homeowners insurance.

If you are the victim of theft this summer, you can feel rest assured that homeowners insurance has your back. Protecting your home and belongings should be your priority. Fortunately, homeowners insurance in Hudson can help. Talk to the team at Lofgren Agency to find out how we can protect your property.

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