Crash Tests Determining Factor In Auto Insurance Rates

Auto Insurance Hudson NYHow Is The Safety Of A Vehicle Determined? 
In order to determine the safety of a vehicle, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts annual crash tests on new vehicles. By simulating actual collisions, the IIHS is able to determine how your car is likely to twist and bend in a similar accident. As a result, insurance providers use these crash test-rating results to determine appropriate auto insurance rates. Gathered is a list of the main crash safety tests that are conducted and how they affect how much you pay each month for protection on the roads:

  • Front, Rear, Side-Impact Tests – These tests show how your car and your body will react if involved in any of these types of collisions. To give insurance carriers an accurate depiction of the severity of both injury and damage during these types of collisions, they use barriers that simulate the largest vehicles on the road, including large SUVs and trucks.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Tests – The electronic stability control system of a vehicle anticipates accidents and reacts accordingly. Cars with high performing ESC systems can avoid accidents, which inherently means less chance of injury. Your insurance provider will reward you for choosing a car with a highly ranked ESC system.
  • Low Speed Crash Tests – Since minor fender benders are more common than serious accidents, it only makes sense that this test is included. If a vehicle experiences significant damage after a minor accident, it will cost more to insure.
  • Rollover Tests – As one of the most severe accidents, these tests are extremely important. Rollover tests will determine how your car twists and turns in these types of accidents. Cars that maintain their structure after a rollover accident will cost less to insure.

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