Removing Your Spouse From Your Auto Insurance Policy

Whether you’re getting divorced, separated from your spouse, or your spouse is simply taking out their own insurance policy, you may find yourself in a position where you need to remove someone from your auto insurance in Red Hook, NY. Whatever your situation, we walk you through what to do when looking to remove your spouse from your car insurance quickly and effectively.

You cannot remove your spouse without their consent

To remove anyone from your auto insurance, you must first be the primary named insured to make changes to your policy. If you’re not the primary named insured, you cannot remove another driver, but you can remove yourself from the policy and take out your own. Since it’s illegal to drive without car insurance, you cannot remove your spouse from your joint car insurance without their signed consent.

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Living at separate addresses

If you and your spouse don’t share the same home address, you will typically need your own insurance policies. Most car insurers will not insure you both if you reside at different addresses. If you continue to live at the same address, you can both purchase your own separate insurance policies.

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Signed removal request

Since your spouse cannot be removed without consent, he or she must sign a removal request form. Without this, the person paying for the policy will continue to pay for themselves and their spouse.

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