Broken Windshield? Your Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY Can Help

Broken Windshield? Your Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY Can HelpYour auto insurance in Hudson, NY could cover glass claims.

Perhaps a rogue rock from the freeway cracked your windshield, or your windows were damaged in a crash or break-in. Whatever the case may be, you’re left with a broken windshield and a vulnerable vehicle.  Believe it or not, your auto insurance in Hudson, NY could cover the crack!
Your car’s windshield is designed to withstand a lot, from flying pebbles, vandals, and more. But sometimes, your vehicle’s glass gets damaged. If your car has a cracked or broken windshield or windows, you may be able to turn to your auto insurance policy to help with the repairs.
Are Repairs Worth It?
Never ignore the small crack in your windshield. It will undoubtedly get bigger with time, and if your windscreen were to get hit again, this could be a dangerous situation for the driver. You should inspect it to determine whether you need to simply repair the windscreen or replace it altogether.
Comprehensive Coverage
Your car insurance policy can be customized to protect you from all sorts of hazards, including those that damage your windshield. If you have this coverage, you may be in luck. Chances are, you’re covered for a cracked windshield. First, you need to determine whether it is in fact worth filing a claim.
Before filing a windshield repair claim, compare the cost of the repair/replacement with the size of your comprehensive deductible. If your deductible (say, $300) is greater than the cost of the repair ($250), it won’t be worth your while to file a claim. For more extensive damage, filing your claim could be worth it.
Is your auto insurance lacking coverage and even basic necessities? Get set up with the right auto insurance in Hudson, NY by visiting Lofgren Agency. We work with you to pair you with the coverage that provides all-encompassing protection for your vehicle and finances in New York.

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