Avoid Winter Roadway Hazards! Here are the Best Snow Chains from 2015

Best Snow Chains 2015

Stay safe in the snow with the best snow chains of 2015!

Winter is in full swing and winter weather calls for snow! Don’t get caught driving in the snow without chains or you’ll face major risks. The best chains are sure to keep you safe this winter, so here’s our shortlist for the best chains 2015!
Security Chain Company Super Z6, SZ143
It’s the best chain you can buy! These chains are stable and versatile. From mini coopers to minivans, these chains have got you covered. Complete with auto-adjusted tightness, they’re perfect to use on your vehicle. Be advised that the recommended speed is a maximum of 30 MPH.
Glacier Chains H2828SC Light Truck V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain
This chain is ideal for larger vehicles. While a bit more expensive, they’ll ensure your safety on icy roads. Note that these chains are a bit more complicated to install and may loosen a bit with general wear and tear.
Thule 12mm CB12 High Quality Snow Chain
This tire chain provides the best value. At an affordable price, it’s a durable chain that’s easy to install. It’s best used on passenger cars. Know that while the recommended maximum speed is listed at 30 MPH, it drives best at 20 MPH.
Peerless 0153005 Auto-Trac Tire Chain
You can always rely on these chains! They work well with sedans, trucks, and SUVs. Be advised that the recommended speed is a maximum of 30 MPH.
GudCraft Size 60 High Quality Passenger Car Snow Chain
These chains are good for the novice chain installers. They’re easy to install and are affordable. Note that the grip on these chains is not as strong as other chains, though.
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