Grab Your Walking Boots For The Best Hikes in Hudson, NY!

Explore the beautiful city of Hudson, NY – on foot! Hike

While we’re in the day-n-age of exploring cities by car, bus, bike, and helicopter, often the best and most exciting adventures you can enjoy is on foot! With spring in full motion and summer almost upon us,
Here are a few of the top-rated hikes located around Hudson, New York!

  • Burger Hill
    This trail is a public park protected by conservationists and is a popular spot for picnicking, bird-watching, and dog walking! This grassy trail offers views of 76 acres of open meadow that is visible by the gradual (but continuous) incline rising 550 feet. Fear not, benches are strategically planted along this scenic half-mile stroll so that you and your pooch can relax for a minute or two!
  • Ferncliff Forest
    This preserved old-growth forest provides some shady relief in the heat of the summer while offering fresh air and towering trees for some relaxation and tranquility. Start by passing by South Pond, thick with horsetail rushes, to reach East Tower trail. This is a wide and well-traveled path that provides a cool respite in a setting of trilling birds, moss-covered rocks, and springy ferns. You may see some campsites, fires, and fellow travelers!
  • Mount Beacon Park
    The uphill mile-long trail to Mount Beacon’s summer provides excellent views from the Hudson Highlands to the Catskill Mountains. You may be huffing and puffing on the journey up, but the exertion is well worth the view! The trail offers shade, a steady climb, and follows a winding road that passes interesting rock formations. Watch out for deer and other wildlife around!

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