Benefits of volunteeringVolunteering your time, money, or support to those in need can improve your life as well as theirs.

Everyone knows that volunteering is meant to improve and support our community by giving our time and energy to nonprofit agencies that provide much-needed services.
In addition, volunteering is very beneficial to the volunteer!
Gain Experience: Working in the field or a position that has transferable skills will help you become more experienced when you are looking for a job!
Develop New Skills: Work experience is invaluable. There are some skills that you don’t learn in school that are applicable to everyday life. These can even help with developing your character and nature.
Meet New People: Out in the real world, you’ll meet all sorts of people and experience new paces of life. These people can quickly become highly influential educators.
Potential Job: Non-profits may be looking to fulfill a position through hiring a volunteer who already has experience working with them. Prove what you can do, and they may find funding to keep you.
Make a Difference: Lastly, but more importantly, volunteering leads to you to find the joy of serving others and helping to improve our local community!
How can you help?

  • Volunteer at: a food shelter, senior care facility, animal shelter
  • Donate: Time, money, support, food items, unused gifts
  • Support: local organizations, animals, your community, and your future!

For more ways on how to help, visit Hudson Volunteer Opportunities here.
From Lofgren Agency in Hudson, New York, we hope that you take some time to benefit your community through volunteering! So that you can focus on this new experience, contact us to secure your insurance needs.

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