The Biggest Benefits Of Home Automation

Benefits of Home Automation

Don’t miss out on these home automation benefits.

Technology is changing everything. It’s changed the way we talk to each other, the way we drive, and the way we work. Now it’s beginning to impact our life at home, as home automation systems are becoming increasingly available and increasingly advanced. Here are just a few of the benefits home automation could offer to your family.

  • Save Money: When you install some of these technologies, you can expect your utility bills to drop. For example, a programmable thermostat will keep your house comfortable while you’re home without wasting energy to heat or cool it while you’re away. With home automation, you stop wasting money from appliances that are left on, and some systems will operate when their costs to run are lowest. For example, a smart dishwasher will run in the middle of the night when water is cheapest.
  • Increased Convenience: With home automation, you don’t have to run home to unlock the door for the kids or the repairman, can wake up to a comfortable temperature in your home without doing any work, and can even turn off the lights without getting out of bed.
  • Improved Security: These systems allow you 24/7 surveillance through affordable, wirelessly connected cameras that you can tap from your mobile device. They also allow you to remotely or automatically lock and unlock your door, inform you each time someone enters your house, and will alert you of any unusual activity.

When you improve security at your home, your risk of theft reduces and, as a result, so should your insurance premiums. To talk to an insurance agent about how home automation could help you save on your Hudson, NY homeowners insurance, contact Lofgren Agency. Serving Chatham, Hudson, and the neighboring New York cities, we are dedicated to helping local homeowners get the coverage they need for the digital age.

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