Beat Work Stress with These TipsAre you burning the candle at both ends? Beat work stress today.

Many of us are juggling a social life, work, excelling our career, chores, and finding enough time for the in-between essentials (like sleep!). The average American works over 40 hours a week, which ultimately takes a toll on their lifestyle and health. Stress can be the cause of many health issues, such as depression, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, acne, and heart disease. Now is the time to beat work stress so that you can enjoy life a little more.
Stress not only hinders your health, but it affects the way that you work! Better your career and lifestyle by reducing your stress levels today.
Get your 40-winks – Sleep is essential for us to perform to our best ability. Lack of sleep reduces our cognitive function, hinders our memory, and makes us irritable. This isn’t ideal for the workplace! Get at least eight hours of sleep each night.
Eat well – Our health begins and eats with our diet. If we eat unhealthily, we’ll feel it. Be sure to eat balanced and regular meals, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Avoid processed meats, cheese, sugary beverages, and preservative-loaded foods.
Learn to say no – You may want to be in everyone’s good books in the office, but that doesn’t mean you should take on more work than you can realistically handle. Stop saying ‘yes’ to taking tasks off other peoples’ plates and getting overwhelmed in the process.
Take breaks – Working through your lunch hour may seem like a good idea, but the sad reality of it is that we don’t work best in one lump sum. Taking frequent breaks actual improves our task completion and a walk in the fresh air always helps.
Pace yourself – It’s easy to feel the pressure of work and home, but scheduling time for even little things and setting realistic time frames can reduce the buildup of stress. Whether you make time for relaxing or leave a gap in your day for unscheduled fun, take time for yourself.
Reducing your stress will ensure that you can lead a healthy and happy life! From the insurance professionals at Lofgren Agency, contact us for the peace of mind that your finances are safe with reliable insurance policies.

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