It’s Fall! Time to Review Your Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY

Is your auto insurance in Hudson, NY ready for the fall season? fall-driving-safety

Now that fall is upon us, we get to enjoy shorter days, cooler nights, and falling leaves. As you’re out on the roads leaf-peeping, visiting pumpkin patches, and commuting to-and-from work this autumn, keep a sharp eye out for fall driving dangers. From rain to deer, autumn brings new challenges for motorists. Along with taking it slow on the roads, it’s time to tune up your car for the cooler months and review your auto insurance in Hudson, NY!
Fall brings inclement weather and is quickly followed by the hazardous months of winter. Spend some time preparing your car for safe driving for the last part of the year!
Here’s how to get your car fall ready:

  • Periodically check your vehicle’s fluid levels, such as windshield-washer liquids, antifreeze, and brake-fluids.
  • Check your tire pressure and the quality of each wheel. It’s especially important to look at the spare tire quality, too.
  • Secure your brake linings, rotors, and drums, inspecting for wear and tear.
  • Change the air filters of your HVAC systems.
  • It’s the rain season, so that means it’s time to replace your wipers (front and back)!
  • Replace and update your car emergency kit. Stock it with a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, a hand-cranked radio, blankets, non-perishable food, tools, and other necessities.
  • Review your auto insurance coverage.

Fortunately, when you’re involved in a disaster, your auto insurance in Hudson, NY is there to help. Now is the time to review your coverage to make sure that you’re protected for the season ahead!
For the right coverage to see you through fall and beyond, contact the professionals at Lofgren Insurance, serving Hudson and neighboring cities of New York!

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