Are Electric Cars Ideal For Your Wallet & Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY?

auto insurance in Hudson, NYElectric cars are ideal for the planet, but do they benefit your wallet and auto insurance in Hudson, NY?

If someone were to tell you that you could spend $0 a month on fuel with unlimited mileage and benefit the planet by doing so, wouldn’t you jump at this opportunity? Most drivers’ dream is to reduce their outgoing costs and their carbon footprint!
Fortunately, this is all possible with an electric car! These zero-emission vehicles have blown up in the auto industry due to their eco-friendly service and increased efficiency. As it turns out, though, the use of this car can cost a consumer a pretty penny (or a few, if we’re honest!).
Before forking out your life savings for that electric car, consider the true cost of owning an electric car!
Upfront Cost
As electric vehicles have grown more popular, some makes and models have become affordable, but others still come with a hefty price tag in tow.
Nissan Leaf averages at $28,980 while the Chevy Volt typically is $34,995.
The Tesla Model S rings in at a pricey $71,090 – $91,070.
Insurance Rates
As a general rule, newer technology is costlier to repair and is, therefore, more expensive to insure. Despite this, electric car owners often spend less on insurance premiums than those who drive traditional vehicles!
Chevy Volt averages $1,452 annually.
Nissan Leaf averages $1,513 annually.
Nissan Maxima averages $1,801 annually.
Depending on your policy, switching from a Ford F-150 to a Volt can result in a yearly premium increase of approximately $200. Keep in mind that the price will be determined by your individual situation. Talk to your auto insurance agent for a better evaluation!
Operating Costs
Fuel economy is the real draw of electric vehicles. Let’s face it, most of us want to slash our gas station stops in half, if not eliminate them completely!
Nissan Leaf averages 3.5 cents a mile, while a Toyota Corolla averages 11.9 cents a mile.
The yearly fuel cost for a Nissan Leaf averages to $328, while the Corolla totals a whopping $1,830.
Are you ready to take the plunge with electric cars? For the best auto insurance in Hudson, NY for your needs, budget, and vehicle (electric or not!), contact Lofgren Agency! Our professionals understand the importance of having secure protection for every bump in the road.

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