Preserve Your Car’s Value


A vehicle is a big investment. Unfortunately, as soon as you drive the vehicle off the dealer’s lot, it loses some value. While no car, truck or SUV holds its value forever, there are steps you can take to hold onto your car’s value so that it can be sold or traded in for money when you’re ready to get rid of it. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Keep it clean – Ensure the interior and exterior are kept clean as often as possible. Stains, smells, and dusty dashboards instantly indicate that a vehicle has not been cared for properly. At least every other month, give your car a cleaning inside and out.


Watch the mileage – Mileage plays a significant factor in maintaining your car’s value. The average number of miles people drive a year is between 12,000 and 15,000. If you’re averaging 20,000 miles a year, you could be losing a lot of value in your vehicle.


Fight rust – Over time, rust can corrode and eat the exterior and interior of any vehicle. Therefore, rust should be avoided as much as possible. Regularly wash the underside of your vehicle to prevent road salt and debris from eating away at the material and leading to rust.


Store it properly – Ideally, keep your car in a garage to preserve the paint from sun, wind, snow. By storing a car indoors in a climate-controlled environment, you can avoid costly repairs and help maintain the vehicle’s value over the long term.


Regularly service it – It’s a good idea to have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, provided that you keep the records of the maintenance and repairs done. Doing so can help to avoid costly repairs in the future, and having a record of the services performed shows to buyers that you took care of the vehicle.


Be sure to properly maintain your vehicle to retain its value. Call the professionals at Kneller Agency today to get started on quality coverage you can count on.

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