What to Do After Home Water Damage  

Typically, flooding in your home is unexpected. Whether it was from a malfunctioning sump pump or a rainstorm, there is little that homeowners can do to adequately tackle the onslaught of water flooding the home. The best you can do is get yourself and your loved ones to safety. When you are ready to return to the property and rebuild and repair, be sure to follow these tips.


  • Shut off utilities

If the flooding is severe, it is best to turn off the electricity and gas to ensure the safety of your family and yourself. Even if flooding is minor, it is best to shut off these utilities as a precaution.


  • Stop the water

If the water is coming from inside your home, turn off the main water valve as soon as possible. A good tip is to show everyone in your home how to do this before a flood occurs!


  • Document the damage

Take pictures of the water and the damage it leaves behind so that you can show your insurance company. Photos and videos are helpful when filing a claim. Keep these files safe and create a backup of them (such as emailing them to yourself), too.


  • Remove the water

Work quickly to remove the water from your home to prevent lasting damage. Use buckets to remove the bulk of the water, mops and wet vacuums to finish off. If flooding is severe, you may need to call an emergency response team so that professionals can handle all of the water. Remember to wear protective clothing like overalls and boots in case the water contains harmful bacteria.


  • Call your insurer

As soon as you can, alert your insurer that your home is flooded. Your insurer will then advise on the next steps to follow and how to file an insurance claim. This is the quickest way to get your life back on track.


At Kneller Agency, we understand how traumatic this experience can be. Luckily, we are here to help. Our homeowners insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage so that you can feel rest assured that you and your belongings are well protected. Contact us to get started on your tailored policy.

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