10 Traffic Tickets That May Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

To assess whether you practice safe driving and aren’t a risky policyholder, your auto insurance provider will analyze your traffic data for the past few years. They’ll usually consider your driving record along with other factors when calculating your car insurance rate. A recent study shows that some traffic violations/infractions may increase your annual auto insurance premiums by more than $1,000.

Getting any of these ten traffic tickets will impact your auto insurance costs:

1. Illegally Passing a School Bus

It’s illegal to pass a school bus that’s stopped so children can get in or out. Oncoming traffic and vehicles behind must stop to allow the bus to load or unload. Getting a ticket for this offense can increase your auto insurance costs by 27% ($398).

2. Driving a Vehicle Without Owner’s Permission

A citation for driving without permission can increase your rate by 32.8% ($482). The offender can be a joyriding teen or mechanic who’s permitted to operate a client’s car for one purpose but uses it for another.

3. Open Container Offense

Driving with an open can of beer in one hand is a punishable infraction. This citation can increase your insurance rate by 34.9% ($513).

4. At-fault Accident

If you cause a car accident, your auto insurance rates may increase by 42% ($617) on average.

5. Reckless Driving

Your rates may go up 70.4% ($1,034) if you’re cited for willfully driving in a way that exposes life or property to danger.

6. Driving with Your License Suspended

This offense is punishable by fine or jail time, and committing it may increase a driver’s auto insurance premiums by 62.4% or $918.

7. Declining a DWI Breathalyzer or Chemical Test

Refusing to take this test may lead to a traffic infraction or criminal charge. If charged, the potential rate increment is 74.1% ($1,089).

8. Driving under the Influence

A DUI ticket increases car insurance costs by 73.9% or $1,086 on average.

9. Street Racing

Illegal car races are punishable by law. A citation increases the offender’s auto policy premiums by 73.7% ($1,084) on average.

10. Hit-and-Run

Not stopping a vehicle after causing an accident is a major traffic violation. The average insurance cost increase for this offense is 82.2% ($1,209).

Tips for Lowering Your Car Insurance Rate

When you’re not getting any traffic tickets, your insurer assesses that you’re less likely to be at fault for accident injuries or damages. That’s why safe driving and obeying the law can help lower your auto insurance premiums.

You can also save on your car insurance costs in other ways, including:

  • Shopping around for the most affordable rates: Your insurance agent can help you get several quotes from multiple insurers. If your existing policy is too expensive, consider switching to a company that offers the same coverage benefits or better at a lower cost.
  • Seek out discounts: Auto insurance companies may give discounts on premiums based on factors like anti-theft features on the covered car or defensive driving. Shop around and see if you qualify for lower rates based on these or other personal factors.
  • Drop unnecessary coverage: Optional auto insurance policies like comprehensive and collision add to your coverage costs. They’re usually useful for a car that’s new or whose replacement or repair costs would be beyond your means. However, consider dropping such coverage if your car is too old.   

The above data shows that car insurance rates don’t have to be too high for any driver. You can do something about it, including obeying traffic rules. At Kneller Insurance Agency, we can help you get affordable auto insurance coverage based on your unique requirements. Contact us today for professional assistance!

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