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Mountain Driving: Use These Safety Tips & Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY

Ensure safe mountain driving with these driving practices and auto insurance Hudson NY! Protect yourself with auto insurance in Hudson, NY and safe driving! Driving is already dangerous, but mountain conditions and winter weather increase hazards out on the road. These driving tips will help you navigate dangerous mountain driving. Be prepared. Before you hit the road, make sure your car is

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Safety Tips When Driving With Pets

Drive safely with your furry family member using this guide.       Whether your pet loves to go for a drive or dreads the car, he or she probably has a unique set of issues in the vehicle. Overly excited pets tend to try to run around, while the more fearful ones are prone to “accidents.” All in all, it’s no

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Weird Traffic Laws In The US

These Weird US Traffic Laws Might Surprise You When you are really in a hurry, speed limits might not be your favorite traffic laws. Compared to others, though, they are very normal and very reasonable. Some states and cities have traffic laws that have developed from certain, rather odd incidences, but they remain in effect today. These weird US traffic

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The Risk is Never Worth it – Don’t Drink & Drive this Holiday Season

Unfortunately, the most joyous time of year marks some of the most dangerous holidays. Since holiday cheer is often associated with having a celebratory beverage in hand, drinking and driving rates skyrocket, meaning vulnerability on the roads is significantly heightened. Whether you are just stopping by for one drink after work or celebrating all night, it is imperative that you

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