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Life Insurance: The Policy We Should Resolve to Have in 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year unlike any we have experienced before. A global pandemic shattered many businesses and communities while causing deaths and loss. If there’s one thing we can take from this year it’s that the future is unpredictable. With that said, now is a time when many of us have resolved to be

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Top Questions Expecting Moms Have About Life Insurance

Congratulations – you’re expecting! While you may have a lot of new things to consider, life insurance in Valatie, NY is one of them. To protect your growing family, you may have many questions about life insurance now you’re pregnant. To help you figure out what coverage you need, take a look at the common questions expecting mothers have.  

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Bad Reasons People Don’t Buy Life Insurance

These common misconceptions about life insurance are utilized too often. Thinking about your death is hardly the most enjoyable way for people to pass the time. Thinking about how your family will cope after you’ve passed is an essential part of being part of a family. However, that’s not the only reason that people avoid shopping for life insurance. With

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The Basics of Life Insurance in Hudson

What you need to know about life insurance in Hudson. Are you in the market for life insurance? As a parent, spouse, and loved one, life insurance serves as a way to protect your family when you’re no longer able to do so. In the event of your death, life insurance will provide your family with a guaranteed cash lump sum

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Smart Steps for Buying Life Insurance

Determine what life insurance policy best suits your needs. Like many people, you purchased a life insurance policy because you thought it was the best way to provide protection to your dear ones. Purchasing life insurance is a decision that should be considered in some depth. With your family’s finances and livelihood at stake, it’s best to consider the right

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Do ‘Empty Nesters’ Need Life Insurance?

Leaving parents home alone, protected.  Kids gone off to college? Downsized into a smaller house now that your children have moved out? There are many reasons why the children flee the nest, leaving parents feeling the ‘empty nest’ syndrome. Many parents wonder if life insurance is needed now that their children have left home. The answer is – quite possibly!

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Ways To Utilize Life Insurance Policies

How Beneficial Is Life Insurance? Life insurance is by far the most misunderstood insurance policy. While the majority of people view these policies as coverage for the rich and famous, others simply view them as a financial burden. We want you to have the right information so that you can take advantage of all the benefits life insurance policies provide,

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5 Things That Cost More Than Your Term Life Insurance

Just How Affordable Is New York Term Life Insurance? Life insurance is one of those things that you know you should have, but may have assumed your budget will not allow for it yet. Studies show that 65 percent of households who have not bought life insurance skip it because they think it is too expensive. The truth is, though,

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Four Ways Life Insurance Pays Out

How This Coverage Can Cover Your Family No matter your season of life, protecting your family is likely a priority for you. You want to ensure that they are safeguarded and their quality of life is preserved, no matter what lies down the road. Consequently, you have probably invested in a life insurance policy. So you can best understand your

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Saving For College With Life Insurance

Life Insurance Savings Benefits Saving for college is an aspiration nearly every parent has for their children. However, with college and university expenses continuing to gather momentum year after year, this goal has become much more challenging to achieve. Life insurance may be the solution you are looking for. There are so many benefits that you can experience when saving

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