Does Car Insurance Help Repair Car Scratches?

Car scratches are not only unsightly, but they can cause issues in the long-term by weakening your car’s structural integrity. When your vehicle gets scratched, you may try to buff it out, but sometimes, the damage is done and there’s nothing you can do to smooth it out. As a result, you may wonder if you can get protection from your car coverage. Take a look at whether or not your auto insurance in Valatie, NY will cover your car scratches repair.


Will Auto Insurance Cover Car Scratches?


Car damage covered by car insurance. The way in which your car gets scratches makes a big difference as to whether your auto insurance will help or not. Depending on how it gets damaged, your comprehensive, liability, or collision coverage will step up to cover the cost of repairs.


Comprehensive coverage may help. Comprehensive coverage covers unexpected car damages outside of accidents and collisions. Comprehensive coverage is optional in every state, so you may or may not have this coverage. If your car was keyed because of a vandal, a tree fell your vehicle, or a shopping cart ran into your car and scratched it, you can turn to this coverage to help with your repair costs.


Other incidents may be covered, such as you accidentally scraping the side of your car while backing out of the garage. Every situation is unique, so be sure to contact your insurance agent for more help and support in filing a claim.


If you don’t know where the scratch came from, contact your insurer. In most cases, you can discuss the case with the insurance company’s adjuster, and he or she can make an educated guess on the type of scratch based on its appearance. You may still be able to file a claim and receive compensation for fixing the scratches.


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