Understand the Increase in Your Home Insurance


Have you noticed your home insurance increase lately? If so, several factors likely went into determining your new premium. While some price increases may be due to factors within your control, others are out of your control and are affecting homeowners across the nation. To help you better understand why your homeowners insurance in Valatie, NY increased, read on.


Your insurer bases your premium on a variety of factors. If these change throughout the year, you may see your home insurance premium increase.

  • You made updates or renovations that increased the value of your home. Did you recently finish your basement or install another bathroom? If the value of your property increases, then you may need to purchase more coverage than what you had before. As a result, your premium may increase.
  • Your claims history has changed. If you’ve recently made a home insurance claim, your premium may increase at renewal time. Many insurers reward customers with lower premiums when they remain claim-free for a certain period of time. If you then file a claim, you break your claims-free streak and will have to start over again.


If you haven’t made any renovations or filed any claims, then your home insurance may have increased because of:

  • Extreme weather events across the country. With wild and unpredictable weather comes more insurance claims. Insurance companies have to increase their rates so they can afford to pay the claims that occur as a result.
  • Trends in your area show that you’re now at a higher risk for burglary. Insurance companies use advanced technology to gain insights into risks, such as burglary and vandalism. The cost of your premium could go up if your insurance company predict that homes in your area have become more prone to damage or theft.


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