Weird Traffic Laws In The US

Weird Traffic Laws in the US

These Weird US Traffic Laws Might Surprise You

When you are really in a hurry, speed limits might not be your favorite traffic laws. Compared to others, though, they are very normal and very reasonable. Some states and cities have traffic laws that have developed from certain, rather odd incidences, but they remain in effect today.

These weird US traffic laws that are still in effect today might surprise you!

  • In California, it is illegal for women to wear a housecoat while they are driving.
  • In Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, and California, there are laws not just against driving too fast, but also against driving too slowly. These are put in place to prevent tourists from holding up the flow of traffic.
  • Tamp down your road rage in Rockville, Maryland; swearing from your car is a misdemeanor there.
  • If you are found guilty of screeching your tires in Derby, Kansas, you can expect to face 30 days in jail.
  • In Marietta, Georgia, it is illegal to spit from the window of a car or a bus, but it is perfectly okay to spit from a truck.
  • In West Virginia, you are well within the bounds of the law to eat road kill.
  • You better keep a tidy car in Hilton Head, South Carolina; it is illegal to store trash in your vehicle in this city.
  • In Oregon, you can legally drive on the sidewalk, just as long as you yield to pedestrians.

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