How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

If you’re shopping for auto insurance in Hudson, NY, you know there are certain crucial factors influencing your rate that are out of your hands. Such factors include your gender, age, and record of prior claims. Despite this, there’s a lot you can do to score a lower insurance premium without sacrificing coverage. Here are five tips to help you get the best rate possible on your auto insurance.
Maintain a clean driving record
Maximize your auto coverage while minimizing costs by driving safely. Accidents, ticket, and other traffic violations can negatively impact our car insurance premiums. If you already have an incident or two working against you, check with your insurer to see what you can do to lower the premium.
Consider a higher deductible
Raising your deductible is a sure way to reduce your monthly premium. For example, you can raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000 for instant savings. Bear in mind, however, that should you need to file a claim, this amount of money will need to be paid out of pocket – so keep it within your budget.
Mind your credit score
An increasing number of carriers are considering credit scores when making rate calculations. You could wind up paying up to 50 percent more if you have a bad credit score. Keep your score in good shape by paying bills on time and regularly checking your report for errors.
Arm your auto with anti-theft devices
Insurance companies love it when your vehicle is safe. Even if you live and work in areas with low auto-theft rates, installing an active or passive alarm or a tracking system could help you to save on car insurance – in addition to protecting your vehicle!
Bundle up
Many insurance companies offer significant savings for maintaining more than one type of policy with them. For example, you can bundle your car, motorcycle, and home insurance with the same company and save money on all three premiums. 
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