Tornado Coverage: When Will You Need This Insurance Coverage?

Is Your Home Protected From Tornados?

Tornados are known to cause significant damage wherever they visit. That is why it’s important for homeowners to be prepared for the worst. It’s common for some home insurance in Valatie, NY to cover tornados and others to decline coverage.

Unlike flood insurance, there’s no separate policy for tornado insurance. This is because the damage caused by tornados can typically fall into wind damage or water damage events. If your home is struck by a tornado and you need to file an insurance claim, your insurer will classify the damage as flood-related or wind-related. It’s important to keep in mind that most home insurance policies almost always cover wind damage but not flood damage. If your home is at risk for serious flood damage, you can purchase flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.

It’s important to note that if moisture gets into your home because of wind – for example, if wind damages your roof and allows rain to enter), your homeowners insurance policy will likely cover the damage caused by that rain.

While you’re reviewing your home insurance policy to ensure you’re covered for tornados, remember to review your auto insurance policy, too. Your car insurance likely covers most damage caused by tornados, including wind damage or damage from falling debris. Check to ensure your auto insurance includes comprehensive coverage, which protects y our vehicle against non-accident related events, such as extreme weather.

Let’s face it – accidents happen. When they do, homeowners insurance can help to pick up the pieces. To help you get started on your quality coverage, contact Kneller Agency to get started.

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