Dealing With Daylight Savings Time

Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving TimeYour Guide To Overcoming “Spring Forward” Sleep Deprivation
Whether you think daylight savings time is a good idea or not, the fact is that it is here to stay. When you change your clocks, you should not also have to change your life. Spring forward with the energy the new season deserves by utilizing these tips to deal with daylight savings time.

  • Get Moving: If you find yourself getting fatigued, opt to get out and get your heart rate up instead of laying down for a long nap. Adjusting to time change will only become more difficult for your body if you disrupt your sleep schedule with odd hours of sleep, but getting active can boost your serotonin levels, the brain chemical that helps your body adjust.
  • Get A Head Start: Since the time change does not kick in until early Sunday morning, it can make your Monday especially rough. Give yourself a few more days to adjust by setting your clock an hour back after you get off work on Friday.
  • Get Light: The sunlight will help your body regulate its circadian rhythm. When you first get up in the morning, open your blinds wide so you can soak up the sun. If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, try to get outside to soak up the sun. At night, dim the lights before bed. Also, help your body prepare for sleep by avoiding the light from technologies like laptops or mobile devices.

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