Must-Do Tasks Before Listing Your Home for Sale

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, you have to ensure you do everything correctly to catch the attention and the heart of your potential buyer. One wrong move could make the buyer move onto the next house quickly. To help prepare your home for sale, take a look at these tips.


Tasks to Do Before Listing a Home for Sale


1) Clean and declutter

No buyer likes to walk into a messy house with lots of personal items around. Make sure you free up the floor and countertop space by removing excess objects, photo frames, certificates, trophies, and other personal trinkets. Give your home a deep clean to give the house a fresh feel.


2) Make small repairs

Now is the time to replace cracked windows, fix leaking faucets, and freshen up grout. Making these minor repairs will help show the buyers that you’ve been taking care of your home, and won’t give them any ammunition to ask for a lower price.


3) Ramp up curb appeal

The exterior is the first thing that your potential buyers see – so make sure your home makes a good first impression. Trim bushes and shrubs, repair broken downspouts, and replace lighting fixtures if they are looking worse for wear. A little bit of effort to help improve curb appeal is time well spent.


Now that you know how to list your home successfully, it’s time to call the professionals at Kneller Agency. Our team can help you accurately secure the right homeowners insurance in Hudson and beyond. Contact us today to get started before listing your home for sale.

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