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Feeling Stressed? Use These Effective Natural Remedies

Use these tips to de-stress and start enjoying life a little more. Stress is a modern day problem among many Americans and across the world. Being stressed is not only an unpleasant experience, but it can lead to insomnia, depression, and other health issues. Fortunately, there are tips to de-stress so that you can banish these bad complications. With serious

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Combat lethargy and that midday slump with these natural ways to boost energy. Sometimes you just need a little jolt of energy, whether it’s to help you move in the morning or power through the end of the workday. More often than not, we opt for the wrong pick-me-up solutions. Sugar is a classic ‘energy loan shark’ that gives you

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Wise Up on Clean Eating This National Nutrition Month

Find out the basics of eating healthily this National Nutrition Month. Yo-yo diets, green smoothie concoctions, and social media influences have all tempted us into bettering our eating habits. If that hasn’t done it for you, the benefits of healthy eating will: improve longevity, lower your risk of disease, give you more energy, help you live well, and optimize health.

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Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home on Earth Day

Go green in your home to treat Mother Nature! To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow (April 22nd!), it’s time for individuals, communities, and businesses alike to give planet earth, a.k.a. home, some very needed comfort and care. With natural resources running out quickly, ice caps melting, and toxic gases lingering in the atmosphere, humans are responsible for the world feeling under

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