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Does Your Child Have the Back to School Essentials?

Set your child up for success by equipping them with back to school essentials. The school season is back in full swing, and the memories of the beach in summer are fading into the background. While you and your children get used to the early mornings and bedtimes again, now is the time to ensure that your kids have all

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DIY Succulent Bowl For Summer

Get busy this summer by making a low-maintenance DIY succulent bowl! The summer season always welcomes in bright flowers and colorful plants. If you don’t have the time, patience, or practice to plant the high-maintenance seasonal flowers, why not opt for a DIY succulent bowl this summer? These plants are low-maintenance, almost impossible to kill, and make delightful additions to

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Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Turn on your favorite tune and start reaping the health benefits of listening to music. New studies have shown that listening to your favorite music doesn’t just lift your mood and remind you of your first dance at your wedding, but that it actually has health benefits. The right notes can dampen the appetite, relax blood vessels, and improve brain

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Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home on Earth Day

Go green in your home to treat Mother Nature! To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow (April 22nd!), it’s time for individuals, communities, and businesses alike to give planet earth, a.k.a. home, some very needed comfort and care. With natural resources running out quickly, ice caps melting, and toxic gases lingering in the atmosphere, humans are responsible for the world feeling under

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Fun Facts to Kick off Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

Check out these St. Patrick’s Day fun facts!   Most American children know that St. Patrick’s Day is the day to wear green and pinch people, while adults enjoy odd-looking green beer, but few people know what they are celebrating and why the holiday is so important! To kick off St. Paddy’s Day (tomorrow – March 17th!), here are some

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