Spring Smarts: Cleaning Tips & Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY

Spring Cleaning & Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NYUse this guide to get more spring cleaning done with less effort and homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY.

Getting ready to clean this spring? Here are some tips from the pros to speed up your spring cleaning and update your organization in the process, making next year even more of a snap! Pair them with your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY to enjoy a clean home with peace of mind year-round.
Dunk That Showerhead
If your shower head detaches, then throw it in the dishwasher for no fuss cleaning. If it doesn’t, here is a trick of the cleaning trade. Use vinegar in a baggy and secure it to your showerhead overnight to clean out all of those little holes. You’ll be amazed at how much better your showering experience will be!
Wash Your Dishwasher
Cleaning dishes in a dirty dishwasher is like cleaning a floor with a dirty mop. Run a hot cycle with no dishes and a cup of vinegar in the top shelf. When it’s done, sprinkle around baking soda and scrub with a sponge, and voila!
Speaking of Dishwashers
Hair brushes, pet dishes, plastic toys, refrigerator shelves and accessories, tweezers, mop heads, soap dishes, and more can get cleaned this way. Get creative! These are all items you can throw into the dishwasher to get sparkling clean.
Heat Up Those Water Rings
Here’s a cool trick. Blast old white water rings on wood with a hot dryer and watch them fade. When you get the ring to vanish as much as possible, condition the area with a bit of olive oil.
Fabric Softener Sheets Make Great Dusters
Dryer sheets have the same dust attracting properties as other electrostatic cloths. Wrap one around your hand to make a dusting mit for high spots and tight spots.
Ready, Set, Go!
Set a time limit for how long you will do a given task. Ten minutes to scrub the tub, 15 minutes to reorganize the kitchen cabinets, etc. This way time won’t get away from you, you’ll move more quickly, and you’ll stay on task.
Make sure the hard work you do around the house is protected! Don’t to wait to make sure your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY is up to the task of protecting your home. Contact New York-based Lofgren Agency to get the right policy for your newly cleaned house!

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