Snow Shoveling Safety Tips for the Winter Snowfall

The scoop on snow shoveling safety tips.

It seems that only dogs and children love the snow these days. When adults see the first snowfall in their drive, they know it’s time to get out the snow shovel and blower. With a long morning of defrosting the car and shoveling snow ahead, it’s imperative to implement these snow shoveling safety tips!
Bundle Up
The cold weather can make shoveling difficult. Cold air makes working and breathing hard, which adds extra strain on the body. Shovelers are also at risk for hypothermia, a decline in body temperature, if they’re not properly dressed for the wintery conditions.

  • Dress in several layers so that you can remove a layer as needed. Synthetic fibers help wick away perspiration better than natural fibers.
  • Warm your muscles up before shoveling by walking for a few minutes or marching in place. Stretch beforehand so that you work more efficiently.
  • Avoid caffeine or nicotine before beginning. These are stimulants that increase your heart rate and cause your blood vessels to constrict, adding extra stress on the heart.

Shovel Safely

  • Pick the right shovel! A plastic shovel will be lighter, and thus easier to lift. A smaller blade will require you to lift less snow, putting less strain on your body.
  • Protect your back from injury by lifting correctly. Stand with your feet about hip-width apart for balance, and never swing the shovel over your shoulder. Bend at the knees.
  • Push the snow rather than picking it up. Remember that the wetter the snow, the heavier it will be.
  • Take regular breaks! For heavy snow shoveling, be sure to take a break every 15 minutes.

While you may not be able to protect your drive to work in the snow, you safeguard your vehicle and home! For all of your auto insurance and homeowners insurance needs in Hudson and surrounding cities in New York, contact the professionals at Lofgren Agency today.

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