Understand What Homeowners Insurance Can Cover

Insurance policies are not known for their simplified language and overall comprehension. In fact, many homeowners hold a home insurance policy and still have questions about their coverage. If you can relate, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few simple answers to common home insurance questions.

Does home insurance cover theft?

It certainly does! Home insurance covers theft both inside and outside the home. That means if your phone is stolen from your kitchen or your laptop is stolen on a plane across the country, your homeowners insurance policy will cover you. Keep in mind that most standard policies will have a limit of coverage. If you have high-value items, you may need to secure additional coverage.

Does home insurance cover water damage?

Generally, if the cause of water damage is sudden and accidental, it’s covered by home insurance. For example, if your dishwasher is broken or your pipe’s burst, home insurance will help to pick up the pieces. Home insurance will not cover your home if the water damage has been caused by a flood, such as from a natural disaster or a sewer back up. For this sort of protection, you can obtain additional policies.

Does home insurance cover roof repair?
Roof repairs that are caused by listed perils, such as a storm or a fire, can be covered by your home insurance. The only time your home insurance won’t repair your roof is if it is infected with mold, old, has been neglected or because of general wear and tear.

When things go wrong, homeowners insurance can help. When you’re looking for homeowners insurance, contact your insurance professionals at Kneller Agency. Our dedicated experts are ready to assist you with all your home insurance needs.

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