Does My Business Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Business meetingProfessional Liability Insurance for New York Businesses
In securing your business operations, you have obtained business insurance policies. However, if you are not an insurance expert, you may have found this decision quite daunting. Rather than simply choosing the most general forms of insurance, it is imperative that you meet with an experienced independent agent who can determine the most vital coverage based on your business’ exclusive needs.
A common area of neglect that many businesses become aware of when it is too late is their liability insurance needs. Despite common business owner belief, a general commercial liability insurance policy may not suffice in safeguarding your business to the fullest. In fact, you may need professional liability insurance in order to feel confident that your business is protected from common perils and threatening claims.
Businesses that revolve their operations around offering advice or services that are intended to produce a designated result must have professional liability insurance. If your product does not yield the results you expected, you may be faced with a hefty liability lawsuit. Likewise, if you offer advice that ends up costing the client a substantial amount of money, you may be held liable. Professions where these types of errors and omissions liability lawsuits are common include physicians, accountants, financial advisers, and fitness consultants. Since these professions involve advising someone in a direction that is intended to yield positive results to their lives, misguidance or poor advice can prove to be extremely costly.
If you want to feel confident that your business is protected to the fullest, you must seek professional advice from the insurance exerts at Lofgren Agency. We are experienced in securing New York businesses and can help provide you with the security you deserve.
Is your biggest investment receiving optimal protection? Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York business insurance needs. The current and future well being of your business remains our top priority!

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