New Car Buying Tips for the End of the Year

Car Sales Consultant Showing a New Car to a Potential Buyer in SAre you one of the many individuals looking to take advantage of the end of the year car sales? If you are one of the many individuals ready to purchase a new car before the year ends, it is important that you keep these informational points of guidance in mind:

  • Many dealerships will offer cash back offers to get their older inventory out of the way to make room for new models. These cash back offers can even be used as your down payment. Since these dealerships are eager to get the old models out of the show room, you will have more luxury in negotiating.
  • Additionally, many dealerships offer unique financing deals to get rid of last year’s models. Low financing rates, sometimes even 0% financing will be offered to finalize the transaction. However, it is important that you evaluate whether or not the low financing will be taking away from a deal on the car’s price. If so, it may not be worth it for you in the long run.
  • Car buyers can take advantage of cars that have been sitting in the lot for an extended period of time. Simply check to determine how many days the car of your interest has been sitting on the lot and use it to your advantage.
  • Most importantly, be ready to negotiate and get the best bang for your buck! Knowing that you are actually doing the dealership a favor by making room for new models is important. If you need a little more financial incentive to finalize the purchase, try asking for both low financing and cash back offer. It never hurts to ask!

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