Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home on Earth Day

Go green in your home to treat Mother Nature!Greenhouse

To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow (April 22nd!), it’s time for individuals, communities, and businesses alike to give planet earth, a.k.a. home, some very needed comfort and care.
With natural resources running out quickly, ice caps melting, and toxic gases lingering in the atmosphere, humans are responsible for the world feeling under the weather. On Earth Day, homeowners can adopt their habits to turn their homes into eco-friendly environments. As homeowners, you can do more than just recycling.
Adopt these easy eco-friendly tips for your home on Earth Day!
Opt for Healthy Household Cleaners!
Switching to green cleaners reduces air pollution both indoors and out, minimizing exposure to both asthma and allergy triggers as well as chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Look for plant-based products from companies that have a short list of ingredients on their labels.
Have Meatless Mondays
Adding one meat-free meal per week (for a family of four) has the same impact as driving a hybrid car. Raising livestock produces a lot of greenhouse gases, so cutting back makes a big difference! Throw in a day to be vegan to save 1,100 gallons, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forests, 20 lbs. of CO2, and the life of one animal each day!
Shop for Sustainably-Raised Meat
While sustainable isn’t a term certified by the USDA like organic is, generally it means that animals were given some room to move and weren’t treated with hormones or antibiotics.
Update Your Insulation
Adding insulation can improve your energy draw by 20 to 30 percent! This cuts down on your energy consumption and your monthly bill!
Donate, Don’t Dump!
It has been said that for every item of clothing donated, 27 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced. So take those gently used clothes and shoes to a thrift or charity store!
Choose Safe Pots and Pans
The materials that you cook with do have an impact on your food. The three safest options are cast iron, enamel coated cast iron, and stainless steel. While non-stick pans are convenient, it can be dangerous should the coating get into your food.
From Earth Day onwards, be sure to better your eco-friendly habits! To get the best rate on your updated and green home, secure your homeowners insurance! For all of your insurance needs in Hudson and the neighboring cities in New York, contact Lofgren Agency today!

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